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Share yourself

Share yourself   Share yourself With people who have the same interests as you do Share yourself With all manner of people not just your own kind Share yourself Enough to cultivate networks that are diversified Share yourself By involving yourself in a little more than a passing interest Share yourself So that you can […]

Check-out the John Audet Blog

Check-out the John Audet Blog.   Those of you that have been following the Be All I Am Blog may be interested in seeing further examples of my work where I cover a wider range of subject matter and present things in a different format to the one on this Blog. You can log in […]


Creativity   I start every task by thinking how I Can do it better Than It has been done before Then I develop the ability to reach creative solutions Before Any potential problems can arise If Then I direct these creative powers To Actively support my beliefs Thus Enabling me to have a constant flow […]

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