About Be All I Am

Be All I Am was founded in 1980, by John Audet. The organisation was originally known as the College of General Health and Well Being and focused mainly on teaching Tai Chi Ch’uan, Chi Kung, meditation practices and self-management programs as well as the administrating of traditional nature-based therapies. As the college grew in popularity amongst certain sections of the community the demand for services grew. Not only for the therapeutic services available, people wanted to gain personal insight and knowledge. This was made available to them. Because of the diversity of available information and help on offer it became necessary to divide our organisation into several sections. Each section has its own function and identification. For the same reasons these entities are now specialising in their own area of expertise and are totally separate from Be All I Am.

The Be All I Am Creed.

As members of Be All I Am
We strive
To acquire the knowledge we need
To do the best we can
To accept responsibility
For the quality of our lives
To lead by example
So that others can find a clear direction
To teach those that ask what we know
But only what we know
To give others what ever we can
So that they can become self-reliant
To accept no reward, no honour and no acknowledgement for our efforts
But to actively help and encourage others in their endeavours to achieve a fulfilled life.

Bealliam Ltd is an ASIC registered, Not for Profit Organisation dedicated to the promotion of knowledge gained from experience in life and is available to anyone that asks. This knowledge is made readily available to those that want it, through this website and blog, through talks and invited events, seminars, workshops and conferences etc.

Awareness of the Soul sessions are usually available somewhere most week-ends ( see separate section ). Books and DVDs are also available. We also have the 12th man which operates every festive season. These are random acts of goodwill and cheer offered by those willing to give their time and effort to put their home-made appropriate items in stockings and donate them anonymously to people they do not know.There are others that deliver the stockings. These people accept no acknowledgement or reward for what they do.

Any money that Be All I Am accepts as a donation goes towards the teaching of what we have learnt and the alleviation of suffering. These are the responsibilities of civilisation and no individual ( regardless of how many years they spent at university), group, company or country has the right to grow rich from the ignorance or suffering of others.

John Audet

Be All I Am is a not for profit benevolent society. Your donation is used for the betterment of humanity.